• Can I still use ChurchFunerals Direct if I have already pre-planned and pre-paid at another funeral home?

    Yes. Simply call our toll-free telephone number at the time of death (or prior to death).  By law, those funds are easily transferable.  Plus you will likely receive a significant refund because of the internal growth of your funds and your substantial savings because of ChurchFunerals Direct.  Funerals scheduled through ChurchFunerals Direct are often less than half of what you would pay somewhere else.

  • What if I have already contacted a funeral home and they have even embalmed the body of my loved one?

    No problem. Just telephone us and authorize us to take over. We will immediately notify one of our network funeral directors serving your area who will pick up your loved one from the funeral home that handled the embalming. You will only need to pay the other funeral home for the work they have done in picking up and embalming the body. This should only be a few hundred dollars, and it may be possible to reduce your final funeral bill accordingly.

  • Can I have an immediate burial instead of a complete, full-service funeral?

    Yes, and the cost may even be lower than the full-service ChurchFunerals Direct funeral.

  • What about cremation?

    That option is also available but we discourage use of this method. Please see our section regarding cremation on this website.

  • What if I am not a member of a church?

    That’s okay. Many churches are already familiar with us and are part of the ChurchFunerals Direct Network.  So there is a church near you that will host your visitation and funeral, and even the traditional funeral meal for family and friends attending the funeral.  In fact, almost all churches will host a funeral as a way to minister to those in their local community, even if the family is not a member of the church.

  • How can I make sure my family knows to contact ChurchFunerals Direct?

    You can contact us in advance and one of the licensed funeral directors in our network will help you pre-plan your funeral and provide you with as many Contact Cards as your family needs.  If you don't have time right now to pre-plan, then just give us a call and we will send you as many wallet-sized Contact Cards as you need. Simply give one to each member of your family to carry with them.  That makes reaching us quick and convenient, anytime, day or night.

  • What is ChurchFunerals Direct?

    ChurchFunerals Direct, Inc. is a technology company that has developed an app, a system and a business model that connects consumers with licensed funeral homes and directors that conduct traditional, full-service funerals at greatly reduced prices for consumers who use the ChurchFunerals Direct service.

    ChurchFunerals Direct, Inc. is not in the funeral business and is not a funeral home or funeral director and does not employ funeral directors. Consumers can use the ChurchFunerals Direct services to request funeral services from licensed funeral homes and directors via their smartphone, the web or offline.

    Our online platform (and offline system) functions as a consumer referral service. There is no charge to the consumer for this service because of our limited agency relationship with each funeral home in our network. We receive our compensation directly from the funeral home that the consumer uses. Please see our Disclosure for more information.


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