Having the biggest, best, nicest and most expensive brick and mortar funeral home in town used to be a competitive marketplace advantage.

But now because of the ChurchFunerals Direct business model, those expensive fixed assets are a major liability which puts the old funeral home at a major marketplace disadvantage.  Paying for all of that brick and mortar has driven the costs of funerals through the roof.

The old business model is expensive for the consumer.  Accordingly, the old business model is now obsolete as the ChurchFunerals Direct business model becomes the new standard.

Our business model leverages the funeral industry’s excess capacity and increases the productivity of every funeral director in our network.  The result of that increased productivity is lower costs for the consumer.

All of the licensed funeral directors in our network specialize in conducting traditional church funerals. They also make house calls and will meet with you and your family in the comfort and convenience of your own home to make the funeral arrangements the morning after a death has occurred.  Or if you would prefer, one of our network funeral directors will stop by your home so that you can pre-plan your funeral ahead of time, maybe even years before your death.  Pre-planning your funeral makes things easier for your family at the time of death.  There is no charge for this pre-planning service and you do not need to prepay.

Our business model makes the overall funeral experience better while at the same time reducing the cost.


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