ChurchFunerals Direct, Inc. is restructuring the funeral industry with its new business model.  As a licensed funeral home and a Christian-based company, we own and operate the ChurchFunerals Direct Network, which is a growing national network of licensed funeral homes and directors that are experts in conducting traditional, full-service funerals in churches.

We select only a limited number of the best funeral homes as partners in each of our local districts.  This allows them to serve you locally while at the same time gaining a much larger share of the overall market.  That means less profit per funeral for them, but more funerals.  As a result, the overall funeral experience is better and your family saves money … and that’s what ChurchFunerals Direct is all about.  Full service funerals at a much lower cost.

Our new world business model makes the expensive to operate funeral home serving only a limited number of families just a few miles around its brick and mortar location somewhat obsolete.  It is simply too expensive to maintain.  It’s what makes funerals so expensive.  That outdated business model was fine back when the funeral director would arrive in a horse drawn hearse.  But with today’s advances in transportation and technology, that old, outdated business model is being replaced by the ChurchFunerals Direct model.

Uber did it. Airbnb did it. And now ChurchFunerals Direct is doing it... disrupting and transforming their segment of the marketplace by providing a better experience at a fraction of the cost. This is the next big thing and it is a game changer.

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