Have you ever wondered why funerals today are so expensive? It’s because of the old out-dated business model still in use today.

There was time long ago, that when a death occurred someone would run to the local funeral home to notify the funeral director. He would then hitch up the horses and arrive within an hour or so to remove the dead body and take it back to the funeral home.

Accordingly, funeral homes had to be small operations serving a limited area in close proximity to their brick and mortar structure. The market area they served was normally the distance around their facility that could be reached by horse within an hour or so. That business model made sense at that time and the funeral industry developed around that business model.

Then along came the invention of the automobile which could travel in an hour the same distance it would take a horse drawn wagon a day to travel.

How did modern transportation affect the funeral industry business model? It didn’t! Nothing changed. Most of the funeral homes were already established and in place. The funeral business simply continued on with its original business model and structure.

Eventually, telephone technology allowed people to communicate over vast distances and became widely in use during the mid-twentieth century. Still nothing changed in the funeral industry. Even the development of wireless mobile phones, so common today, had no impact.

As amazing as the internet is, not even computers and the internet changed the business model of the funeral industry.

With all of the inventions and advancements over the past century, none have yet brought change to the old funeral home business model. What other segment of our economy can say that modern transportation and technology has not affected it?

The old funeral home business model serving only a tiny geographic area makes funerals incredibly expensive for families. With today’s advancements in transportation and technology, what other business could exist by operating in only a five or six mile radius around their expensive to operate brick and mortar facility and hoping to serve only a few families a week? Think about it for a moment and you’ll probably agree that this old and tired business model is inefficient. It makes no sense for the consumer.



Just as Uber is a Transportation Network Company (TNC) that transformed the taxi business with their new and better business model, ChurchFunerals Direct is a Funeral Network Company (FNC) that is transforming the funeral business with our new and better business model.

The next big thing is here! It’s not the invention of the automobile or telephone. But it is the invention of a new and better business model for the funeral industry, and ChurchFunerals Direct is leading the way.  We have built the ChurchFunerals Direct Network, which is a network of strategically located licensed funeral home care centers.

By effectively employing modern day inventions such as today’s transportation and technology, we have expanded the area served by each of the licensed funeral home care centers and funeral directors in our network. That means they get to do a lot more funerals over a much larger geographic service area.  The result for the consumer is a better funeral experience at a much lower cost.

Because of our increased volume, we can charge less per funeral and still earn more profit overall; all while conducting your funeral in a church in your community. That means you’ll get the full-service funeral or cremation that your loved one deserves for a lot less.

So when death occurs don’t shortchange the memory of your loved one by skimping on a funeral.  Honor their memory with the funeral or memorial service that they deserve. Today, with ChurchFunerals Direct, it is the affordable option for your family.

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Available locally, expanding nationally
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Available locally, expanding nationally
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