The concept behind ChurchFunerals Direct began as a research project into how to make the funeral experience better for the grieving family that had just lost a loved one.  It did not begin with the goal of reducing the cost of a funeral.

Our research indicated that having a funeral director make a house call the morning following a death is better than making the family come into a funeral home to make the funeral arrangements.  It is more convenient and comfortable for the family to be in the familiar surroundings of their own home.  So even though doctors no longer make house calls because it is inconvenient and costly, our network funeral directors do.  That makes it a better experience for the grieving family.

Our research further indicated that many families, especially Christian families, preferred the spiritual comfort of having the funeral, including the visitation viewing, at a church.  They felt that a church setting was more appropriate and comforting at the time of a death in the family.

So in developing a newer and better way to serve grieving families, a light bulb went off.  We realized that the expensive brick and mortar funeral home facility could be utilized more effectively to serve a much larger market territory.

With this fantastic discovery came the realization that if those brick and mortar expenses were spread out over a higher number of funerals in a much larger market territory, the cost of a full-service, traditional funeral could be dramatically reduced and our expansion possibilities became unlimited.

We would no longer be limited to a 5 or 6 mile radius around a brick and mortar structure called a funeral home.  We could now operate locally while expanding nationally.

Sure, with our business model funerals do cost a lot less. But more importantly, the funerals are better because focus is given to the end-to-end funeral experience that the family will go through.

At ChurchFunerals Direct “better” means something that exceeds all other available options. This is a game changer!

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